Posted on May 5, 2011

All stories to which we connect are, in some way, about us: about our relationships, our needs and desires, the pains and pleasures of being human.

When I thought about making any of our shows, I was always driven by very simple things: by the idea that people do extraordinary things, that they fall in love, they kill, kiss, dance and sing and often want more from life. When I was growing up I wanted more too – I didn’t want to be poor, lonely or ordinary – and that is what attracted me to the stories we have told.

In making work as a company we have shared words, songs, thoughts and ideas, and we have imagined ourselves as other people – as Bonnie and Clyde, Jack and Liz, The Red Man. We have researched their lives and in the specific details of their stories we have found things that are important to us. That is what theatre is about. It is born out of our need to share our experiences of the world – to relate and connect with one another – I believe that theatre belongs to everyone, and as our stories are passed from one person to another, theatre not only a becomes a means of communication, but a record of our existence and a celebration of who we are.

— Tid

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