Acting Coaching


So I’ve been asked whether I offer one-to-one acting coaching quite a number of times now and after doing it for quite a few theatrical friends and acting students of mine, it seems I do. If you think I can help get in touch and here is a link to my biog so you know more about the work I’ve done.

This is what I can help you with should you want my distinct set of skills.

  • Drama School Auditions
  • GCSE/A Level performance preparation
  • NYT/NSDF Audition/Show prep
  • Acting CV’s/Biographies
  • General Audition Technique
  • General Acting Technique
  • Physical Theatre
  • Character Creation
  • Monologue Selection and Rehearsal
  • Performance notation and feedback
  • Acting career coaching
  • Confidence building
  • Authenticity
  • Professional Audition Preparation
  • Public Speaking

I’ve helped many brilliant people get professional work and drama school places through my coaching, teaching and direction, some people have even said nice things about me and my work (all lies)

It is because of the Young Company, and the way Tid ran it, that I was able to get into the Central School of Speech and Drama (I owe Tid big time for getting me in!), have had a stint on “Hollyoaks” was movement director for a show at the Old Vic Tunnels, formed a theatre company of my own, won the Scottish Daily Mail Award and a big lump of funding, and am now in Germany playing the lead in “The Importance of Being Ernest”.  I cannot thank him, my peers and everyone else involved enough for helping me realise who I am, how I want to live my life, and what impact I want to have on the world.

- Past Student

Tid’s direction is spot on, sawn-off and authentic

-Venue Magazine

refreshing, freewheeling, the production bursts out of the confines of realism to entertain us with music and comedy, but also to move us

- The Sunday Times

vividly and hauntingly realised

- The Guardian


- Time out

It pulls you in and never let’s go

- Metro

a real highlight, fantastic teaching, I’ve been re-inspired

- Past Student

your workshop with the students has achieved a ‘legendary’ status

- Past Student

was awesome, learnt shit loads

- Past Student

I learnt more during training with Tid than I did in 3 years at drama school

- Past Student

So if you think I could help you then just get in touch
Happy to see people as pairs if you’d be more comfortable working with a friend.

If you are an Emerging Theatre Company and would like some help then do also feel free to send me an email or read more about my Creative Consulting here.

Thanks for reading

- Tid