The Red Man


Theatre for the Brave | Training for the Adventurous

Fairground | two main aims

1 – To create great art.
2 –
To help create great people, by encouraging them to become the people they want to be in order that they may create the future they think they want to see.

Fuel | Some words we like

Authentic | Robust | Physical | Beautiful | Human | Dirty | Ugly | Irreverent | Rough | Real | Playful | Brave | Daring | Breathless | Manic | Naughty | Controlled | Intense | Silly | Outrageous | Fun | Sophisticated | Wild | Tender | Honest

Passion | What we’re saying

We want to work with all kinds of people and to make work for all kinds of people. Children, Adults, the ones in-between, professionals, amateurs, non-professionals, students, life time learners, outsiders and insiders. We want to make work that is celebrated by the non theatre-goer and to surprise and delight the frequent visitor. We want our work to be popular, demanding and entertaining, for it to be celebrated without being accused of ‘dumbing down’, for it to be sophisticated yet understandable. We believe in people, in human beings and their potential for great things. We would like to become a great thing and help people to create other great things.

We have begun to achieve some of this…

Method | How we do what we do

We care, we think, we do…(not always in that order)

Talk | What others say about us

refreshing, freewheeling, the production bursts out of the confines of realism to entertain us with music and comedy, but also to move us
-        The Sunday Times

vividly and hauntingly realised – The Guardian

Tid’s direction is spot on, sawn-off and authentic – Venue Magazine

Breathtaking - Time out

It pulls you in and never let’s go – Metro

Playground has been a real highlight, fantastic teaching, I’ve been re-inspired
-        Past participant Playground

your workshop with the students has achieved a ‘legendary’ status
-        Feedback on Fairground workshops

was awesome, learnt shit loads
-        Past participant Playground

I learnt more during Playground than I did in 3 years at drama school
-        Past participant Playground

Fairground | The Theatre

Fairground produces theatre that celebrates the extraordinary.  The company’s work is epic in both subject and scope.  It combines new or established scripts, original musical compositions and highly physical performance. The creative team works collaboratively to make theatre which is both moving and entertaining.

We create shows that are visually, aurally, instinctually and intellectually satisfying.  Our productions take a holistic approach to theatre making driven by the creative ensemble.  We bring music, image and thought to life, so that whoever sits in the audience has a way of engaging with the work.

We have chosen to live lives less ordinary.